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webOSArchive (WOSA) is the unofficial repository of information, restoration efforts, and archives for Palm/HP's mobile webOS operating system. This site does not provide material or information about the spin-off operating systems, webOS Open Source Edition (wOSE) or LG's webOS for TVs.

Its the position of the curator, and the remaining webOS community, that Palm and HP's webOS devices, including the Pre series phones, the Veer and Pixi phones, and the TouchPad, remain useful devices that both provide value to their users and education to the rest of the industry. In fact, many webOS innovations have been copied by modern mobile OS developers. You can follow the ongoing efforts to restore and retain the usefulness of the platform here, or join the community and participate!

@webOSArchive 2022-05-16 8:34:30am ET

Did you know a #webOS #Touchpad still makes a great remote for a modern iTunes/Music library? It can even send tunes to your HomePod or Apple TV!

@webOSArchive 2022-04-20 9:02:19am ET

the #webOS App Museum contents are now available as a Preware feed -- especially useful for webOS 1.x devices that don't run Enyo. Check it out:

@webOSArchive 2022-04-19 9:15:46am ET

SimpleChat, the Discord-connected chat app for the retro #webOS community has been updated with more controls for tiny devices like the #PalmPixi and #HPVeer -- check it out in the App Museum!

@webOSArchive 2022-04-11 10:26:53am ET

Did you know you can still connect your #webOS devices like the #TouchPad and #PalmPre to brand new M1 Macs? It was never officially supported, but the community made it work:

@webOSArchive 2022-03-31 3:36:21pm ET

Here it is on an itty bitty Veer

@webOSArchive 2022-03-31 3:35:59pm ET

Home automation control on a #PalmPre or #HPVeer through #Touchpad -- coming soon to the #webOS App Museum!

@webOSArchive 2022-03-28 2:35:02pm ET

Museum app of the week: Exhibition Earth - Soar 200 miles above the earth at 17,000 miles an hour from the comfort of your Touchpad as the app shows you what it’s like to be looking out from the International Space Station...

@webOSArchive 2022-03-26 11:08:53am ET

the #webOS #AppMuseum contents are now available on @internetarchive

@webOSArchive 2022-03-09 12:03:18pm ET

The webOS App Museum II has an important update today! If you're running on a legacy webOS device, launch the Museum to get the update!

@webOSArchive 2022-03-08 9:52:30am ET

Check Mate HD, the chess-themed To Do list app that started its life on #webOS is now fully cross platform as an @EnyoJS app, and is even available on Google Play: (And yes, of course it still works on a Touchpad!)

@webOSArchive 2022-03-07 5:40:29pm ET

A decade ago, cross platform was the future of webOS Development. Today, its the future of webOS Archive...

@webOSArchive 2022-03-07 10:15:17am ET

#webOS apps running on Android?! More to come...

@webOSArchive 2022-02-25 10:58:50am ET

The #3GApocalypse took a few days longer than predicted, but my #Pre3 just lost its ability to leave home. Are your retro devices still online? Let us know on SimpleChat/Discord:

@webOSArchive 2022-02-22 9:10:08am ET

Pouring one out for the #3G phones that are set to go offline today in @ATT's #3GApocalypse...

@webOSArchive 2022-02-21 9:11:56am ET

cool story about bringing a PalmOS device back online -- wait'll you try webOS!

@webOSArchive 2022-02-12 9:48:37am ET

What is this? webOS Archive's App Museum II running on a Nexus 5! Thanks @LuneOS_Ports

@webOSArchive 2022-02-04 10:07:36am ET

Get those 3G phones out, and let @ATT know they're still out there. If you need some APN settings, these worked for my #Pre3...

@webOSArchive 2022-02-03 12:25:56pm ET

Riding these faithful little steeds off into the 3G sunset. The Veer on @TMobile will last the year. The #Pre3 on @ATT only has a few weeks left until its cut off -- along with my cars, and thousands of other devices. 5G sucks, and killing perfectly good devices sucks even worse!

@webOSArchive 2022-02-02 5:31:26pm ET

Working on something new for #webOS AND @LuneOS_Ports

@webOSArchive 2022-01-25 9:35:47am ET

Time for a smart phone show down? #PalmPre #PalmPixi

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