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webOSArchive (WOSA) is the unofficial repository of information, restoration efforts, and archives for Palm/HP's mobile webOS operating system. This site does not provide material or information about the spin-off operating systems, webOS Open Source Edition (wOSE) or LG's webOS for TVs.

Its the position of the curator, and the remaining webOS community, that Palm and HP's webOS devices, including the Pre series phones, the Veer and Pixi phones, and the TouchPad, remain useful devices that both provide value to their users and education to the rest of the industry. In fact, many webOS innovations have been copied by modern mobile OS developers. You can follow the ongoing efforts to restore and retain the usefulness of the platform here, or join the community and participate!

@webOSArchive 2021-12-03 5:40:03pm ET

There's almost 40 active OSS projects for right now! Check them out on GitHub:

@webOSArchive 2021-12-02 1:00:27pm ET

My new #PalmBudsPro work great with my #webOS HP #Veer -- and my Surface Book Pro

@webOSArchive 2021-11-28 3:23:57pm ET

After 10 years, the built-in #webOS Help system on the US English #Touchpad is working again! This is an ongoing development effort, check it out here:

@webOSArchive 2021-11-27 3:33:31pm ET

21 A-list games that were previously exclusive to the #PalmPre have been patched to work on #Pre3 and #Touchpad! Check them out in the #webos App Museum:

@webOSArchive 2021-11-26 10:02:59am ET

This Black Friday, why not hop off the iJewelry upgrade treadmill, and pick up a cheap TouchPad off eBay instead? If you do, here's a free gift: a patched version of PulseAudio Restarter that actually resolves the annoying audio glitch that HP left us with

@webOSArchive 2021-11-24 9:02:19am ET

SimpleChat, the Discord-integrated chat app for #webOS, just got bumped to 1.6.1, adding support for Imgur albums! Check it out at the webOS App Museum and install it on your #PalmPre or #TouchPad to start chatting:

@webOSArchive 2021-11-23 4:53:45pm ET

Follow the end of PalmOS, the rise and fall of webOS, and all the nerdy stuff that happened in between with the newly restored PalmCast

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